Binance Listing Pushes Floki, Pepe Up 50% as WSB Rallies Over 200%

• Binance listing pushes Floki, Pepe up more than 50%
• WSB rallies over 200% after suspect offers refund option
• Israel seized nearly 200 Binance accounts over terrorism links over two years and Coinbase reports 22% revenue growth with a net loss of $79M for Q1.

Binance Listing Pushes Floki and Pepe Up

Binance has recently listed Floki and Pepe, pushing their values up by more than 50%. This surge in their prices was largely due to an increase in demand as well as the recent news about them being listed on one of the biggest exchanges.

WSB Rallies After Refund Option

The Wall Street Bets (WSB) memecoin also experienced a significant rally of over 200%, following a suspect’s offer of a refund option on the stolen funds. The refund was claimed by those who bought the token before it was dumped on May 4th. This is further complicated by allegations that WSBMod had secretly been draining funds from large airdrops he received and sold many of these tokens. However, WSBMod denies this accusation.

Israel Seizes Nearly 200 Binance Accounts Over Terror Links

In addition to these developments, it has been reported that Israel seized nearly 200 Binance accounts due to links to terrorist organizations over the course of two years. It appears that authorities were able to identify suspicious activity related to these accounts which prompted them to take action against them.

Voyager Intends To Return Customer Funds

Voyager has announced its intentions to start returning customer funds in the coming weeks, offering relief to those affected by its closure earlier this year. This will be done through direct deposits or withdrawals from user wallets, depending on what customers prefer.

Coinbase Reports 22 Percent Revenue Growth

Coinbase recently reported its financial results for the first quarter of 2021 which showed 22 percent revenue growth compared to last year but also included a net loss amounting to $79 million for Q1 due mainly to lower volatility in cryptocurrency markets during this period.