Crypto Carnage: $78B Wiped Out in 24 Hours

• The cryptocurrency market cap saw net outflows of $77.63 billion over the last 24 hours and currently stands at $917.63 billion, down 7.8% from $995.26 billion.
• Bitcoin and Ethereum’s market cap fell 8.9% and 10% to $381.71 billion and $169.6 billion, respectively, while Cardano fared best with a 4.6% loss in the market carnage.
• Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC) increased to $71.76 billion and $43.51 billion while Binance USD (BUSD) stayed flat at $8.4 billion during this period of time .

Crypto Market Massacre

The cryptocurrency market cap saw net outflows of about 78 billion dollars over the last 24 hours, dropping from 995 to 917 billions dollars – a 7,8 percent decrease in value overall compared to the previous day’s value of 995 billions dollars..

Bitcoin & Ethereum Price Changes

The market capitalization of Bitcoin dropped 8,9 percent to 381 billions dollars while Ethereum’s market cap decreased by 10 percent to 169 billions dollars as well during this time period..
Cardano recorded losses as well but it was the least impacted among top 10 crypto assets with only 4,6 percent decrease in its value during the same period of time..

Tether & USD Coin Increase

Tether increased in market capitalization reaching 71 billions dollars whereas USD Coin rose up to 43 billions dollars during this same period.. Binance USD on the other hand remained relatively stable at 8,4 billions dollars on this reporting period..

Biggest Gainers & Losers

GensoKishi MetaverseMV emerged as the biggest gainer with an 8,7 percent increase followed by aelf which jumped 6,3 percent over these last 24 hours.. HashflowHFT also had a 2,8 percent increase as Radio CacaRACA went up 1,7 percent during this same time frame..

On the other hand Dogecoin recorded 11percent loss being one of the biggest losers alongside Solana which had 11,9percent decrease in its price during these last 24 hours according to CryptoSlate reportings..