Razer Launches Web3 Incubator to Create Next-Gen Blockchain Games

• Razer is launching a new gaming incubator to expand into web3 called zVentures Web3 Incubator (ZW3I).
• ZW3I will prioritize quality when selecting projects and focus on developers who have a “proven track record” of making great web2 games.
• Projects that are selected will be given access to Razer’s marketing and partnership programs, as well as its entire ecosystem of hardware and software services.

Razer Expands Into Web3

Razer, the gaming hardware maker, has announced the launch of zVentures Web3 Incubator (ZW3I), an incubator program under its venture capital arm. The goal of this program is to help developers create next-gen blockchain games and projects in order to expand into web3.

Prioritizing Quality

When selecting projects for ZW3I, Razer will prioritize quality above all else. Developers with a proven track record of creating great web2 games will be favored during the selection process. Additionally, the team behind any given project must have experience and must be committed to completing it before being chosen.

Benefits For Selected Projects

Projects that are selected for ZW3I will receive access to Razer’s marketing and partnership programs as well as its entire ecosystem of hardware and software services. This includes things like game engines, tools and more that can help developers create their projects quickly and efficiently.

Four Factors To Consider When Selecting Projects

When selecting finalists among submissions, Razer will look out for four main factors: fun factor of the game; overall quality; sound roadmap; and experience/commitment of team behind project. Each factor is important in determining whether or not a project should be chosen for ZW3I.


Overall, this move by Razer shows its commitment towards expanding into web3 via the development of next-gen blockchain games and projects through its new incubator program – zVentures Web3 Incubator (ZW3I). With this program, developers with good ideas can get access to benefits such as marketing opportunities, tools and more which can help them develop their projects quickly while still maintaining high standards in terms of quality control and security measures.