Venezuela plans national Bitcoin mining pool

Cryptocurrencies are particularly popular in Venezuela. However, the government is watching this with skepticism. Now comes a new mining clause.

Due to the enormous inflation in Venezuela, cryptocurrencies are very widespread there. Accordingly, mining is also a hot topic. In order to keep an eye on activities in the crypto sector, the Venezuelan government has set up a task force called SUNACRIP . This national crypto supervisory authority SUNACRIP has now issued its first decree on mining. With this, all crypto mining activities are officially regulated with immediate effect. In order to be officially qualified, miners have to meet certain requirements.

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An official announcement was first made in the government gazette “ Gaceta Oficial“ released. The head of SUNACRIP, Joselit Ramirez, signed the notification. It states that Venezuelan residents who are interested in mining Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies must apply for a license and join the so-called „national pool“. The new regulation calls on people to disclose what kind of activities they would like to pursue in mining. This includes, for example, trading, importing or the use of mining equipment. The government will also issue a special license for those who use ASIC mining hardwaremanufacture or build mining farms. What does SUNACRIP mean by the aforementioned “national pool”? In the decree, this is understood to be a community of miners who share their profits with each other.

Participation in the pool should bring advantages for miners

The literal definition is:

“A group of amalgamated miners who agree to share the block rewards in proportion to the mining hash power brought in. They share a similar operation among themselves as cooperatives. Together they are subordinate to the National Superintendency of Crypto Assets and Related Activities (SUNACRIP) ”.

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Participation in this pool is not mandatory. However, those miners in Venezuela who do not join face sanctions. The other way around, members can definitely count on advantages. The decree even mentions “tax exemptions and other benefits”. How many miners the government can actually encourage with this promise to join the national pool remains to be seen for the time being. Because the new regulation does not clarify whether the government is legally authorized to freeze crypto mines within the national pool. The type of sanctions against those miners who do not want to join is also not explicitly mentioned. However, there is already a lawthat bans mining in certain government homes.